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Our mission

WP Appointments redefines the way of managing schedules

We understand the intricacies of running a business in this digital age and we've crafted a solution that aims to alleviate one of the major pain points - appointment scheduling.

Our approach to the matter

Go Big or Go Home!

The concept for WP Appointments was the brainchild of Dawid Urbanski, a well-regarded WordPress developer. Recognizing a void in the market for a streamlined, proficient, and reliable scheduling tool, he sought a team that could bring his vision to life while further strengthening and refining it. His choice was Jakub Mikita, CEO of BracketSpace, and his team, veterans in the WordPress ecosystem, whose paths with Dawid had intertwined multiple times.

“As a marketer, I'm grateful for Dawid's trust in us and the opportunity to conduct extensive consumer research. This allowed us to fully explore detailed consumer research, understand the perspectives and issues faced by individuals from the target audience, and their input proved to be extremely valuable. ”

Zdjęcie Karoliny Czapli
Karolina Czapla

WP Appointments, thus, is a testament to a remarkable collaboration, blending Dawid's innovative vision with BracketSpace's development prowess to deliver a tool that seamlessly meets the scheduling needs of businesses and end-users alike.

WP Appointments break away from the mold of conventional scheduling plugins. It skillfully avoids superfluous features, concentrating on core functionalities that aid in time-saving, customer growth, and business expansion. Jakub's team has devoted innumerable hours to comprehensive consumer research to ensure that our plugin mirrors the authentic needs of businesses and their customers. Here's what happened:

  • Entrepreneurs: Our journey began with countless coffee cups and insightful dialogues with a range of business owners - from veterinarians to beauty experts, fitness and aesthetic medicine professionals, educators, consultants, and more. Their insights shaped our understanding of real-world needs.
  • End Users: We understand your success hinges on your customers' satisfaction. Hence, we delved deep into end-user expectations for seamless online bookings, ensuring a mutually beneficial experience.
  • Developers' Insights: Recognizing the invaluable insights of our peers, we sought their perspectives on common technical challenges faced by users. This informed our approach to minimize friction and enhance user experience with our plugin.

What sets WP Appointments apart is the innovative technology at its core. Our plugin is versatile, accommodating all types of businesses and services. From a spa salon to a coaching session, our tool molds itself to your business needs, driving growth in every area.

Growth? We schedule it.

Even though we take great pride in what we've created, we aren't planning on resting anytime soon. At present, we've mapped out two stages of expansion for the WP Appointments plugin, complemented by robust marketing strategies designed to propel us to the top, not just as a tool but as a formidable ally in empowering online success and influence. We aren't simply a scheduling plugin - we are WP Appointments, your dependable companion in business appointments growth.

What's all the fuss about? Is online booking a game-changer?

Yeah! Striving to stay up to date with consumer needs and trends can be quite a challenge. But don't miss this chance because:


of appointments booked online take place after the office closes.

Don't let a closed salon scare off customers, let them do it around the clock.


of patients prefer online booking

This is significant compared to only 22% of people who book over the phone and 11% in person.


revenue increase observed in companies using online booking systems compared to when they didn't.

Up to 120% revenue boost seen in local businesses after integrating online booking systems.

Meet the Creators team

Meet the passionate minds behind WP Appointments - a combination of passion and expertise shaping this innovative tool.

  • Dawid Urbański

    Founder & CEO

    Notably among the world's top 3% developers, Dawid has been a longtime contributor and speaker within the WordPress community at both national and global events. Recently spoke at WordCamp Europe in Athens. He's also a co-host of the newly created "WordPress po polsku" YouTube channel. Software engineer and Tech Lead. He's obsessed with code quality and creating bulletproof solutions.

  • Karolina Czapla

    Marketing manager

    A marketer with BracketSpace and the Department of Web, Karolina has spent the past year honing her skills in digital product marketing strategy. Her professional interests weave together behavioral economics, growth marketing, and human-centric campaigns.

  • Development Team

    R&D and Support

    Steered by Jakub Mikita, our team is a collective of seasoned experts specializing in WordPress solutions and a detailed QA Specialist - Anna. As BracketSpace spent over a decade crafting premium plugins for automation, personalization, and a stress-free experience with this leading CMS. We're the minds behind plugins like Notification PRO and Advanced Cron Manager, trusted by over 10,000 users and businesses.

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